Citizen science at sea

illustration by Aline de Pazzis

During our stopovers in Brest and Concarneau, we had the chance to meet three people who are each developing citizen science programs around the sea.
What’s that?


A World Ocean Day on innovation

On this World Ocean Day, focused on innovation, let's discover some ideas for tomorrow’s ocean. 

Thinking about tomorrow's ocean motivates us every day to meet the people who love the ocean and work, at their level, for its protection. There are so many innovations - technical as well as social and societal - that deserve to be mentioned. Discover our selection in this article.


Of the importance of ocean education

The Earth is blue. This sounds obvious to anyone who has seen a world map or a globe. The ocean, covering more than 70% of the Earth's surface, is home to important reservoirs of biodiversity and countless treasures. It binds communities together, regulates the climate, and brings us food and oxygen. Yet, in most of our daily lives, the Earth does not not seem blue.


A woman, an island
and the sea

It is with a big smile and full of confidence that Mari runs alone the harbour service and the management of the anchorage of Pen Raz on the island of Arz. She tells us about the rivalry between the two large islands of the Gulf, fishing, the development of yachting, and the place of women in the maritime industry. At only twenty years old, she does not lack determination. She has restored a small boat to go fishing on her days off, sails regularly, and manages the daily life of the many boaters who come to discover the island.


Benoît Stichelbaut
ocean photographer

photo by Benoît Stichelbaut

How better to start an expedition dedicated to outreach on human-ocean interactions than by meeting an ocean photographer? Upon arrival in Concarneau, we set out to interview Benoît Stichelbaut, a sailing and ocean photographer particularly admired for his spectacular shots of the Ar-Men lighthouse.


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