Just beneath the surface of this great, endless quilt hides the damage we have caused. One to which we have long been blind. We have created an ecological crisis that cannot be traced to a single cause. Evidence confirms that the changes observed today will intensify in the coming years.

Throughout history the ocean has been an unalterable constant. A vast and incorruptible truth of our planet's design. Blue, swirling around the small patches of our continent's green. The lifeblood of our Earth. A source of food, trade, and weather patterns. The oceans defines our planet and provides sustenance to billions.



Despite overwhelming scientific evidence, an obstacle remains: raising public awareness on the immediate impacts of current changes. Studies in climate change communication show a dominant discourse depicting an ecological crisis that is distant both in time and space. We must engage the public in order to enact real change. After all, humans, who are at the origin of this crisis, are key to solving it. 



Telling the human story of the ecological crisis, with an emphasis on the interconnectivity between humans and the ocean, through a series of interviews across the French Atlantic. We wish to narrate this coastline in the face of change, to share the stories of the people who live and act on it on a daily basis.